Vtiger open source version 8.2.0 released

Vtiger are excited to announce the release of version 8.2.0! This update brings several key bug fixes to stabilize the product, multiple minor updates and enhancements, plus some library updates.

What’s New:
Upgraded Todc and Bootstrap libraries to version 3.4.1

Bug Fixes:
Addressed some of the issues you may have encountered:

  • Listview Editing Layout (issue-1870)
  • Missing Picklist values in Listview (issue-1810)
  • French language error (issue-1835)
  • Password reset error (issue-1833)
  • Spam flagged emails during password reset (issue-1874)
  • Additional Bug Fixes: A full list of resolved issues can be found in the following link – 8.2.0 Milestone.

Vtiger and the community as a whole thank all the active contributors:

  • Adrien Faveraux
  • Alan Lord
  • Alexander Perovich
  • Andrea Verdolini
  • Angelo Paglialonga
  • Chris
  • Christian Cruz Garrido
  • Edwin
  • Jason G
  • Leeto
  • Martin Allen
  • Massimiliano Evangelista
  • Mik
  • Orville Jimenez
  • Ralph Kretzschmar
  • raquel martinez
  • Ruben A. Estrada
  • Seba Robles
  • Søren Madsen
  • Sutharsan J
  • Tom Brown
  • Vicus eBusiness
  • Vince G
  • Werner Kutschker
  • and those who have helped us through other channels.

Release Notes for 8.2.0 can be found here.

Vtiger 8.2.0 can be downloaded from here.

What’s Next:
For the upcoming version 8.3.0, we are focusing on a backend clean-up to eliminate unnecessary PHP error reporting.