Travel through time. Interrogating, displaying, reporting & exporting the data of historical changes of records.

Histories is a module from Libertus Solutions for version 7 of the open source edition of vtiger.

It provides the ability for users to examine the historical changes made to records, that are recorded in vtiger (usually shown under the “Updates” tab in Detail View).

Installing Histories from the vtiger Marketplace couldn’t be easier. We also have a demonstration version available here. Simply login using a user name and password of “histories”.

Histories allows a user to interrogate this data in several unique ways:

  • Using the time-slider overlay to travel back, and forwards, in time
  • Viewing changes in dynamic charts
  • As exported spreadsheet data

The Time Machine
Histories offers users a unique “time-slider” overlay view. A draggable bar allows the user to view each change, over time, by moving a slider from what a record contains now all the way back to when it was first created. Fields are briefly highlighted showing the changed-to-value after each slider movement and a display at the top shows which user made the change(s) and when. It also shows when related records were linked or unlinked, e.g. Documents.

Dynamic Charts
The charting feature of Histories enables to the user to inspect changes in certain types of fields: Numerical fields (Numbers, Currency and Percentage), Picklists and Multi-select picklists.

Data Export
All historical data can be exported into a spreadsheet for further analysis.