My World View from Libertus Solutions gives any vtiger user a place to create a personal view of the data in the vtiger CRM to suit exactly how they want to work. My World View allows each user to view up to 5 modules’ List Views from a single page. Most normal List View actions and mass edit features are supported.

Examples of how it might be useful largely depend on a users’ role in the business. For example:

  • Technical Support staff might want to view their Trouble Tickets, Assets, Service Contracts and Contacts on a single page
  • They can select any permitted filter to be the default for each module and they can order the display of each module however they wish
  • A Salesperson might want to see their Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Organisations and Contacts on a single page
  • Senior Management may want to view Opportunities , Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders & Trouble Tickets

Even non-standard custom entity modules are supported so if, for example your business was selling Energy then you might want to view Energy Contracts, Meters (Commercial), Meters (Domestic) and your Organisations and Contacts.

You can also view the same module more than once if you wish – this would typically be where you want to view, for example, Trouble Tickets that are Urgent and with a high Priority (In the top section) and then another list below it showing Tickets which are less severe or urgent.

My World View is simple to configure. You can download the manual here if you would like to see how it is configured and used. You can also try it out by visiting our demo system and logging in with a username and password of myworldview.

My World View is available in the vtiger Marketplace and can be installed directly using the administrator area called vtiger Extension Store.