Keyboard Shortcuts for vtiger 7 allows you to keep your hands on the keyboard and be more productive, making it easier and faster to move around your vtiger CRM system.

It is quick and simple to use. There is no configuration. Just install and let your fingers do the work!

When viewing a record in Detail View in vtiger often the user wants to navigate to view various types of related information. With the Keyboard Shortcuts extension module from Libertus, this is as easy as using the Control (or CMD if using Apple) plus the Left or Right arrow keys.

Once viewing of this record is complete, the user can navigate to the next or previous records just using the Left or Right arrow keys on the keyboard.

Similarly, when a user wishes to navigate to a completely different module entirely, with Keyboard Shortcuts, this can be achieved simply by typing CTRL+m followed by a single digit. The digit represents the order of the App Menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Other Keyboard Shortcuts are supported where it is appropriate to do so.

For example:

  • CTRL+S is used to Save a record when it is open in Edit View
  • CTRL+E will open a record in Edit View when it is currently being viewed in Detail View
  • CTRL+D will duplicate a record when in Detail View, creating a new copy and opening in Edit View
  • CTRL+A will add a new record when you are in List View. creating a new, blank record open in Edit View ready to be populated
  • CTRL+L will take you to the List View of the module you are currently viewing
  • The Page Up and Page Down buttons can be used to navigate to the next or previous page of the current List View screen
  • The ESC (escape) key will take you back one page each time it is pressed

Keyboard Shortcuts for vtiger 7 is available on the vtiger Marketplace and can be installed directly using the administrator’s vtiger Extension Store module.