Geographical Information System (GIS) extension module for vtiger CRM

GeoTools main screen
GeoTools main screen

Installing GeoTools from the vtiger Marketplace introduces Geolocation features to vtiger CRM. It adds the ability to perform distance-based searches on your data.

GeoTools was the first third-party extension module to be approved and published in vtiger’s Marketplace and it is available for both vtiger open source and Cloud offerings. GeoTools and offers a host of features that take full advantage of the vtiger architecture.

With GeoTools installed in your vtiger system:

  • A salesperson visiting a customer or prospect in a particular location can quickly identify other Leads or Organisations that are within a suitable radius of his appointment
  • The Marketing department can use GeoTools to visualise where their customers are located; for analysis or to target Leads in a particular geographic area
  • Support teams can use GeoTools to identify where service calls are going to being made and to schedule preventative maintenance visits with other customers when in a particular area
  • Project Managers can search for suitable local candidates to perform a particular task or service for the project