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OpenERP completely overcomes the traditional barriers that have prevented many companies from acquiring ERP and other business applications needed to run and support their organisations. OpenERP is distributed free of any licensing fees, and offers the flexibility to customise the application without costly and time-consuming development requirements. The availability of over 500 software modules developed by OpenERP s.a and the community, and the flexibility to deploy applications either on-site or online adds to its pedigree and position as the number 1 Open Source ERP system available today.

OpenERP screenshot

OpenERP solves several of the big dilemmas that many companies are now facing on a day-to-day basis: The legacy proprietary software model has imposed hugely expensive "up-front" costs (even before a system can be properly tested) and yet often required multi-year implementation projects. OpenERP is available free of charge and is licensed under the GNU Affero Public License (AGPL) which protects users from the traditional legacy vendor's techniques of lock-in and cost-prohibitive exit costs.

Being an OpenERP Partner enables Libertus Solutions to offer first-line professional support services to our customers that are in-turn underpinned by OpenERP's Enterprise Warranty Agreement that includes bug fixes, security alerts and migration services.

OpenERP brings a fundamentally different approach to the ERP market. The absence of license fees and vendor lock-in, the flexibility to deploy onsite and online, the capacity to first implement a single application and then extend to others later, and its exceptional ease of use, all make OpenERP a totally compelling proposition. Please contact us to find out more.