Libertus Solutions

Libertus Solutions is a consulting and services company specialising in delivering business solutions based on Free and Open Source Software. Our general approach to implementing solutions for our customers is to target specific issues and deliver solutions in manageable, affordable and relatively short phases of work.

Libertus Solutions was founded in 2006 by Alan Lord and Alan Bell. We are based in Farnham, Surrey which is about 30 miles from London, very close to Hampshire, Berskshire and Sussex and less than an hour away from the South Coast.

Our business is all about helping your organisation benefit from Open Source Software. Take a look around our website to discover some of the things Open Source Software can do for you today. We provide various services from consulting, to training, to support services.

As well as helping businesses use OSS in the traditional sense, we also help companies that want to create and market products that use Open Source Software. Modern hardware businesses have realised that computing equipment does not have to run proprietary software any more, e.g. tablets, smartphones and devices like the Raspberry Pi). We help some of these businesses understand what Open Source means for them, and their customers; showing them how to build, encourage and motivate their communities - which are so fundamental to what makes successful Open Source successful.

We help organisations large and small, and from many different business sectors, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.